Value Propositions

Our Value Propositions

We Are Preferred By Our Customers Due To The Following Unique Features Of Our Products And Services

  • We have experienced and certified local and international consultants and trainers
  • We have partnered with various global companies who have worked in the industry for more than 20+ years (Both in Management & IT industries)
  • Founders of the company are in composition with various exposures
  • We provide customized and interactive trainings
  • We conduct trainings in either our training room, 4-star hotels or clients’ training halls based on the customers’/users’ preferences
  • We give training materials in soft and hard copies for all trainees
  • We provide the soft copy materials with our flash drive for free
  • We make available completion of certificates for all trainings
  • We conduct pre and post training assessment and follow-up
  • We take pictures of the training process and give to the participants
  • The manager of our company is certified by the Ethiopian Management Institute